Counter samples


The storage period for counter-samples before destruction or disposal is one (1) my, in order to make any clarification of results and / or retests, if the client requests it.

In cases in which the client requests the return of their counter samples before the month of storage, the Laboratory will deliver them, leaving evidence in the format "Final Disposition of Samples".

For this, the customer must make the return request, via email or WhatsApp, at least two (2) business days in advance.

Materials of biological origin will not be stored in the laboratory, these are discarded immediately after the service is rendered.

Samples of pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical packaging materials, active pharmaceutical ingredients, Pharmaceutical excipients and pharmaceutical products will be retained in their original container until the product loses its shelf life..

In the case of calibration devices, these will be delivered to the client together with their respective calibration certificate.. After calibrating the device, the customer has five (5) business days to claim your Report and your Device.

In the case of bodywork test items, These are returned once the tests have been completed and the results report has been delivered to the client..