Why Us?

¿Por qué nosotros?

laboratories M&G has developed over time a variety of laboratories, each with different technical tests to reach all sectors of industry. laboratories M&G has an interdisciplinary team which allows you to offer your customers experience and expertise, transparency, impartiality and confidentiality through different services.

laboratories M&G is part of the development of standards and technical regulations, At national and international level.

We have and maintain qualifications and examinations necessary to ensure the quality and safety of its products, facilitating global market access.

Laboratorios M&G know the importance of quality and safety in the industry, why we support our customers by providing a wide range of solutions covering the various testing activities in the areas of Vehicles, coachwork, plastic, rubbers, hides, metals, Textiles, physical chemistry, Microbiology, Pressure, Toys, Helmets, among others; in which it stands head an advantage in technological resources and human talent.

Our vision.

For the year 2023 Laboratorios MYG SAS busca consolidarse como el laboratorio líder en el mercado nacional e internacional en la prestación de servicios innovadores de ensayo y calibración, respaldado por el mejoramiento continuo de su tecnología, equipo humano e infraestructura, convirtiéndose de esta manera en aliado estratégico de la calidad en la región.

Our mission.

laboratories M&G S.A.S, tiene como propósito satisfacer las necesidades del sector industrial a nivel nacional e internacional en materia de ensayos en textiles, plastic, rubbers, cueros, toys, vehicles, análisis fisicoquímicos y microbiológicos y calibraciones en presión; entregando resultados confiables y técnicamente válidos, con el respaldo de una instrumentación moderna y personal altamente competente.

Our Customer Promise

Impartiality, confidentiality, commitment and expertise in order to meet their needs and expectations.

Our innovative solutions Testing and Essays are delivered with precision and accuracy, allowing you to safely move forward in the development of your product.


We have accreditation ISO:IEC17025 compliance with multilateral agreements signed between countries and recognition of technical competence.

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